This is by far my favorite salon in the city. I'm a student-- I gotta save money! I can get my hair cut here for under $50 with tip and they always do a fabulous job. I started going here over a year ago, and I won't move. The price is just too good to give up, and I have a stylist that both entertains and delights me. If you like the social aspect of getting your hair cut, and you enjoy talking and having fun with your stylist, this is the place to go!...
Excerpt from Francesca via Yelp.

So far the best quality men's cut for the price I've found in the city. I usually see Kara, but all the stylists seem to do great work. Never had a bad cut, and at only around $35 for a men's cut, it's a great deal for the quality. All the staff are friendly, and I've never had much trouble getting a last minute appointment. As with many things on Whyte, nearby parking can sometimes be tough to find if you're coming by car. But otherwise, this is a great place for a men's cut..
Excerpt from Cory via Yelp.

I've been trying to get the haircut I got there today for about a year, and this was the only place that managed to meet my expectations. The girls there were very friendly and nice, showed a lot of care for their jobs. It wasn't expensive but it wasn't cheap either I spent under $50 including tip (deserved tip) Im happy with the final product..
Excerpt from José via Yelp.

I booked an appointment at Whyte Ave Hair Co. based solely on Yelp reviews, and I was not disappointed! I had previously gotten my hair cut and coloured at Swizzlesticks/Dandy and was unhappy with the results, especially as it was quite expensive. I'm a grad student and although we get paid to TA, it's not much, so while I'm willing to pay for quality, paying through the nose for a bad haircut was frustrating. I am so happy I gave this place a try!...
Excerpt from Stephanie via Yelp.

If you want to be pampered this is the place to go!.
Excerpt from Kim via Facebook.

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